Mike Foster is the man behind Graphicarto.  A professional cartographer, designer, and GIS Analyst specializing in cartography, geovisualization, graphics, and application design, he has almost a decade of diverse experience in the field.

Mike has a B.S. in Cartography and GIS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (’06) and a Masters in GIS and Computer Science from the University of Minnesota (’10).  His research has been on design and presentation, graphics software interoperability, open source development and crowdsource data, and database design and implementation.  Currently based in Minneapolis, Mike is a GIS Specialist at URS Corporation, a Fortune 500 engineering and consulting firm where he focuses on presentation, data analysis and management, and geovisualization for clients on several large infrastructure projects.

Away from the day job, Mike is a freelance cartographer, web designer, and co-founder of F+H GeoGraphics, LLC. a small design company founded with a classmate at the University of Minnesota.  Visit, or shoot a message at


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